Municipal tussle

With reference to your editorial "Municipal tussle" (March 14), it should be obvious to even certified morons why the Sindh Government is reluctant to hand over control of local bodies to the elected mayor of Karachi. To quote just one example, the Karachi Building Control Authority was abolished and in its place the Sindh Building Control Authority was formed. One can guess how lucrative this organization is from the fact that 21 out of its 25 directors are supervising construction projects in Karachi, while the rest of the province has only four directors (one each for Sukkur, Hyderabad, Larkana and Mirpurkhas). It seems that eighty four percent of construction activity in Sindh takes place in Karachi.
Any guesses as to the amount paid for a posting in SBCA's Karachi Headquarters?

Printed in DAWN, March 16, 2017