This is with reference to the letter ‘Eid holidays’ (Sept 24). The writer says: “It is sad that the ideology of Pakistan is being negated by the secular faction...” What does working on the third day of Eid have anything to do with the country’s ideology (whatever that means)?
I remember, in the first decade after partition, shops in Karachi used to be open on all three days of both Eids. In fact on the first day of one Eid, my father took me to a Bata shop to buy shoes. I spent Eid-al-Azha in Peshawer in 1973 and saw that the shops were open on all three days.
In fact, the concept of a holiday does not exist in our religion. Even on Fridays, the faithful are exhorted to work after offering the Juma prayer. So how can a holiday on the third day of Eid negate the ideology of the country?
Shakir Lakhani
Published in Dawn September 28th, 2016