Help Karachi


Block 9 of Clifton in Karachi is a posh area, with many foreign nationals visiting the shops there. The underpass on Clifton Road is located in the no-man’s area between Blocks 5 and 9. Block 5 falls under the jurisdiction of the district government, while Block 9 is managed by the Clifton Cantonment Board. For this reason, neither the district government nor the cantonment board is bothered by the mess created by people using the footpath above the underpass as an open-air toilet. Besides this filth, there are a dozen balloon vendors whose gas cylinders are liable to explode any time. A social welfare organisation has occupied part of the area above the underpass to sell and sacrifice goats. Due to this it is impossible to walk across without feeling sick. Since both Clifton Cantonment Board and the district administration are powerless in this matter and not willing to get the filth removed, I request either Bilawal Bhutto Zardari or his sister Aseefa to visit the place regularly so that it is kept clean. If they don’t care about the city, the filth will remain the permanent feature it has become and we hapless taxpayers will continue to suffer.
Shakir Lakhani
Printed in The News, June 22, 2016