When I saw the photo of this man (Ghulam Rabbani) who killed his own mother (after divorcing his wife the previous day), I wondered how he got a job and worked his way up to become a joint director in the State Bank. A simply psychiatric examination would have confirmed that he was a potential killer. But then I thought, most men in Pakistan look just like him. They have been told countless times that all women are evil and are responsible for all the world's problems. So it is not surprising that he, along with hundreds of many Pakistanis, kill their wives, mothers and sisters for the flimsiest of reasons.

And we should not be surprised that our religious "scholars" have opposed the recently passed bill for protection of women. According to this law, a Pakistani man will no longer be able to beat up his wife or sisters, in fact even being rude to women will now be punishable. But our mullahs, true to form, cannot accept this law because, in their opinion, a man is lord and master of his house, and he is allowed to kill his womenfolk if they so much as talk back to him. 

I've often wondered why my father had to choose Pakistan when fleeing India from crazed Hindu mobs in 1947. He should have gone to Uganda or even South Africa, where they don't have morons dictating what is right and what is wrong. At least in those two countries, men are civilized enough to respect their mothers, wives and sisters. Here it is unthinkable for a man to be polite to a woman.