Strike turmoil

The government imposed sales tax on oil tanker operators without realising that the latter would resist it with full force. Their strike virtually brought the whole country down to its knees. There was shortage of petrol and diesel throughout the country and people had to endure hardships. The strike was successful, the government immediately accepted the demands of oil tanker owners and the oil supplies resumed. But even a day after the strike ended, many filling stations are still without fuel.

The question is: why was the tax imposed in the first place if it was to be withdrawn later? Now freight forwarders have gone on strike, which has resulted in export orders being cancelled and industries grinding to a halt due to imported raw materials not being supplied on time. This week our “patriotic” non-filers and tax evaders are planning to go on strike, so we can expect more turmoil. It is better to disband the FBR and smugglers to be asked to run the finance ministry. They will certainly be much better than our baboos in revenue collection.

Shakir Lakhani
Printed in The News, September 03, 2015