Imran insanities

Sir: With reference to the editorial “Dialogue and flexibility” (Daily Times, August 25, 2014), we should no longer be surprised by anything Imran Khan says, even if he demands that he should take over the country without elections being held. Those of us (including myself) who voted for his party are bitterly disillusioned. Mr Khan appears to be a megalomaniac, and has scant regard for the damage he is causing the country. Comparisons are being made with the massive rigging that took place in 1977 but the situation then was very different. At that time, all opposition parties were deadly against the government while today the entire opposition is against Mr Khan. As for the ex-cricketer being advised wrongly by his aides, I doubt if he even listens to them. He is an autocrat by nature, a characteristic that he may have found useful when he was the cricket team’s captain. If he had listened to sane voices within his party (like, for instance, Asad Umar), he would not have asked his followers to stop paying taxes and utility bills, which would be considered an offence in all civilized countries. As for asking Pakistanis not to remit money through banks, but to use the hundi/havala (an alternative system that operates parallel to traditional banking channels.) route, it is a violation not only of our laws but also of international laws. How can world leaders trust such a man who speaks without thinking? I don’t think he can be trusted to be the chief executive of a country that has nuclear weapons. In my opinion, Imran Khan badly needs a psychiatrist.

Printed in Daily Times, August 27, 2014