Corrupt Sindh

This refers to the editorial, ‘The police and the PPP’ (July 14). There was a time when it was commonly believed that only about ten percent of budget money was pilfered and siphoned away into foreign bank accounts. This is still true of Punjab, where it is apparent that the government has done a lot to improve the lot of the common man. But in Sindh, no progress is seen, which makes one believe that a sizeable percentage of the budget money is pocketed by those in power. The sacking of honest police officers every now and then because they do not support corrupt deals is enough to prove that the Sindh government is concerned only with looting the people. 

One fears that the equipment being bought from the Serbians will be useless and ultimately sold as junk (this kind of thing has happened in the past). The situation will never change because the vast majority in Sindh will always vote for the PPP.

Shakir Lakhani
Printed in The News, July 16, 2014