Total chaos

Sir: Last night after a couple of years I went to the Eidgah mosque on M A Jinnah Road (formerly Bunder Road) to attend a funeral. The chaos on the road at nine o’clock in the night was unbelievable. This part of the road has been one-way for the past forty years, yet cars and other vehicles were being driven on the wrong side of the road. There was not a single traffic cop on the scene. It was with great difficulty that I was able to navigate a couple of hundred feet of the road and park my car on the side opposite the mosque. After that it was a great ordeal crossing the road. The owner of a shop told me that this is the situation throughout the day. Probably the few traffic policemen supposed to be there are ‘ghost’ cops who faithfully draw their salaries without ever showing up for work (and their bosses never even try to verify whether their juniors are present at their assigned places). Then it struck me that this is symptomatic of what’s happening in the whole country and why Pakistan is in such a mess. Practically every government servant is interested only in making more money for his great-grandchildren to use (as his children and grandchildren have already been provided for).

Printed in Daily Times, March 5, 2014