The missing civilians

This refers to Ameer Bhutto’s article, ‘The missing general’ (January 17). While it may true that Musharraf’s attempts to avoid appearing before the special court are bad for democracy, the last PPP government and its ministers also tried their best to delay the letter for reopening the 60 million dollar case to the Swiss authorities, despite court orders. Finally, it was submitted after the case became time-barred. Did this not amount to hurting the cause of democracy? Moreover, we have observed time and again that the country prospers economically under military regimes. And whenever the army has thrown out civil governments, the people have rejoiced. Whatever his other crimes, at least Musharraf was able to control inflation to manageable levels. We saw how high the prices soared during the last PPP government (in fact, in every PPP regime, the rupee has always depreciated considerably). Finally, if the PML-N is so concerned about the country, it should also stop transferring or sacking those bureaucrats who are known to be honest.

Shakir Lakhani
Printed in The News, January 19, 2014