Fiscal sovereignty – only for the rich

This refers to Mosharraf Zaidi's article, ‘Fiscal sovereignty for Pakistan’ (November 6). If Pakistan “begins to dramatically increase revenue by raising taxes”, as he recommends, only the poor and middle-class will have to bear the brunt of this increase. 

The filthy rich will continue to be exempted, since they sit in parliament and decide that they do not have to pay taxes. A big chunk of the taxpayers' money will go into secret Swiss bank accounts and purchase of expensive watches and property in foreign countries. The government should begin by punishing smugglers, tax evaders, and electricity and gas thieves, even if they are parliamentarians or their relatives and friends. But knowing that such people invariably vote for both of the two major political parties, I strongly doubt that the government will take any step against them. It will continue raising taxes by increasing prices of petrol, electricity and gas, and the common man will continue to suffer.

Shakir Lakhani
Printed in The News, November 7, 2013