‘True face’

THIS refers to your editorial ‘True face of TTP’ (Oct 6) regarding the Taliban spokesman’s claim that the Peshawar church bombing was in accordance with the Sharia.

Will Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif still want to talk to these people with a stone age mindset?

Next thing you know they will say that only those who follow their twisted version of Islam should be allowed to continue living, while all others (like Shias, Barelvis and other Sunni sub-sects) should be killed.

It is time the government did something about sermons given in mosques and what is taught in the country’s madressahs.

The mosque prayer leaders should be given the topics to be mentioned in Friday sermons, while madressah students should be educated in art and science subjects, as well as in the country’s laws.

They should be taught that since Allah has created all human beings, it is a deadly sin to take human life unless it is done in self-defence.


Printed in DAWN, October 10, 2013