Us mere mortals

Sir: To improve law and order in Karachi, perhaps the most effective step would be to stop providing mobile police vans — each containing 10 police officers — to the Sindh government’s ‘VVIPs’. These policemen can then be used to patrol the streets of Karachi. The VVIPs should not object since they do not pay any taxes. They can certainly hire (at their own expense) private security guards. Recently, one such VVIP’s wife wanted three police mobile vans escorting her to be allowed to enter the compound of our building complex, which is managed by the DHA. When the security personnel posted at the gate did not allow the police mobiles to enter, they were soundly thrashed by the policemen while the lady looked on with a smile on her face. The police mobiles forced their way into the compound, despite the large notice on the compound wall saying that no armed security personnel are allowed to enter. This, then, is the contempt our VVIPs have for us ordinary mortals. It is time we stood up and demanded that we get what we pay for.

Printed in Daily Times, September 5, 2013