THIS is with reference to your editorial ‘Best option’ (Sept 21). The reason for the PML-N government’s reluctance to enforce VAT is the fear that it will alienate the traders, who constitute a big chunk of its voters.
Otherwise, it should be fairly simple to introduce VAT in the country by offering incentives to the public. A system which I saw in Taiwan many years ago should be followed.
The CNIC numbers of those buyers who purchase more than Rs2,000 at a time should be eligible for a prize in a draw held every day and televised nationally (in Pakistan it could be once a week).
I don’t think religious authorities would object because this scheme is similar to prize bond draws which are already in vogue. People would prefer to buy from only those shops where VAT is recovered, and in this way the government will increase its revenue collection substantially.
Printed in DAWN, September 24, 2013