Why Musharraf must be tried

This refers to the letters on the subject of Pervez Musharraf’s trial that appeared in News Post. For too long now people have taken the law into their own hands and have never been punished for it. Not proceeding with the trial on the grounds that others have not been tried for the same offence will encourage more people to break the law. We have to begin somewhere, so why not now?

 It should also be noted that Musharraf may have returned to the country thinking that he would never be tried or punished because our rulers have almost always treated the law with contempt. Perhaps he had thought that with the head of one major party accused of corruption and the other having allegedly arranged the storming of the apex court, no one would put him on trial.

Or he may really be under the illusion that people would come out on the streets in his defence, forcing the government to free him. He may even have received guarantees from both within and outside the country that he would not be tried.

Whatever the reason for his return, his trial will reveal why he had sacked the superior judiciary and treated the country as his personal fiefdom. Let us proceed with the trial, even if it opens a Pandora’s box, as his lawyers have threatened.

Shakir Lakhani
Printed in the The News, July 3, 2013