Disillusioned with Mr Sharif?

I know many people who are disillusioned with Mr Nawaz Sharif because he was seen wearing a $ 4.6 million watch in the National Assembly. I really don’t know what the fuss is all about. The money spent on the watch could have purchased only seven bungalows in Karachi’s posh DHA. Only seven! And this money could have bought food for only two thousand Pakistanis for a year. You have to bear in mind that a prime minister’s job is very stressful, so he has the right to spend as much money as he wants to maintain his sanity, since his other addiction, food highly saturated with fats, is not enough to keep him calm in a crisis. So go ahead, Mr. Prime Minister, we’re with you, you and your ministers can buy as many million dollar watches as you want.

Printed in Daily Times, July 30, 2013