Raising revenue

This is with reference to Amir Zia's article ‘The rural card’ (July 15). The recent Sindh budget shows a deficit of about Rs21 billion, which can be converted into surplus by reducing expenditures or increasing receipts by a nominal four percent. One way to increase receipts is by increasing the amount of agricultural tax. But this step cannot even be considered, for it will make many in the government and assemblies poorer.

As for how we can reduce expenditures, one way to do it is by stopping the deployment of up to 10 police mobile vans (with six policemen in each) for Sindh government VIPs, MPAs and others who serve no evident purpose except, of course, making our lives more miserable. I'm sure there are more ways to balance the budget, if only the provincial government decides to do it.

Shakir Lakhani
Printed in The News, July 17, 2013