Improve security

Sir: Of all people, President Asif Ali Zardari has ordered that a report on the killing of foreigner tourists be submitted to him immediately. He should know that his party is responsible for not improving the security situation in the country during its last five year tenure, and this is what the new government should do. 

We can live with poor roads and load shedding but we cannot live with poor security. 

For God’s sake, if you are reading this, Mr Prime Minister, please stop doing everything else and please do everything you can to improve the law and order situation. You can deal with load shedding next year, you can build new roads the year after that and in your third year you can give us the bullet train (whatever it is) even though we do not need it. 

However, please do not waste your time on foreign tours and umrah trips; please spend the time and money on improving security. You can do it, if you have the will. If, on the other hand, you decide to waste our tax money on frivolous projects, the fate of your government will not be different from that of the last one.

Printed in Daily Times, June 27, 2013