Religious parties have always fared badly in Pakistan, usually getting not more than ten percent of the seats in the national assembly. The recent elections proved that they are very unpopular, winning only five percent of the seats. Both the main extremist parties bitterly opposed the creation of Pakistan in 1947 and called its founder (Mr. Jinnah) the "Kafir-e-Azam" (greatest infidel). After partition, their leaders came and settled in Pakistan and have always done their best to disturb peace. The current chief of one of these parties (Munawwar Hassan of the Jamaat-e-Islami) is a man who should be living in the seventh century. He once advised rape victims not to complain or file charges against rapists, unless they had four witnesses to prove they'd been raped by the persons accused of the crime. 
Recently, this man went a step further: he advised liberals (like myself) to register themselves as minorities! I've always told members of this party (one of them is an uncle of mine) that they should not take part in politics, since they're living in denial, expecting to win hundreds of seats in every election. In fact, seeing that this party is so unpopular, its name should be changed, if its leaders want to make any progress towards gaining more than three or four seats. 
Now that this party has fared so badly, shouldn't its chief be advised to get himself and his associates registered as minorities?