Pickpockets in Sunday Bazaar

Although we’d heard many times about women having their mobile phones stolen in DHA’s Sunday Bazaar, we thought it happened only to other people. 

On a recent Sunday my wife was deprived of her mobile phone by someone who easily unzipped the side pocket of her handbag and removed it.

By the way, this was the first day when tight security measures were introduced, and visitors could enter and leave through one gate only, a step made necessary after a recent bomb scare. This made it much easier for thieves to remove mobile phones from ladies’ handbags, owing to the concentration of many people at one spot.

These robberies will end only when uniformed and authorized adults are allowed to work as carriers of buyers’ goods. Sometime back they did enforce this rule, but it could not be enforced.

Printed in DAWN Metropolitan, May 27,2013