Who we call heroes

Sir: I am writing with reference to the article ‘Aaj bhi Bhutto zinda hai’ (Mehr Tarar, Daily Times, April 4, 2013). I would advise the writer to read veteran politician Sherbaz Mazari’s book ‘The Journey to Disillusionment’. According to Mr Mazari, there were at least five murders committed on the directive of Mr Z A Bhutto (Dr Nazir Ahmed, Khwaja Mohammed Rafiq, Abdus Samad Achakzai, Moulvi Shamsuddin and, of course, Muhammad Ahmed Kasuri). “Bhutto was lucky he got hanged for only one of these murders”, according to Sherbaz Mazari. As far as ZAB being the most popular leader of the country, this may have been so for a few months after he assumed power but during most of his reign, he was highly unpopular, so much so that during his incarceration and after his execution there were no protest demonstrations at all.
Daily times, April 6, 2013