Dishonesty all over

Sir: We were told that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), being truly independent, would not allow dishonest persons to contest the elections. But now we see that it has not disqualified even certified crooks like those who submitted fake degrees and an ex-PM who sold some land that he did not own. Besides these, it has allowed even bank loan defaulters like the ex-speaker and her spouse, as well as the former foreign minister (who paid income tax that was less than the price of her handbag). As for those who were named as recipients of ISI money in the Asghar Khan case, they are holy cows who cannot be touched. One is tempted to ask what the use of articles 62 and 63 is if criminals are not restrained from standing in the elections?
Knowing the mindset of the majority of our voters (who mostly vote on caste basis), immoral and corrupt people will be elected again, giving them ample time to loot the country while cases against them will take many years to be fully decided. I wonder why the outgoing government did not amend the constitution to allow only corrupt people to contest the elections. That would have been much closer to reality. The next government should do so immediately.

Printed in Daily Times, April 20, 2013