There is no favouritism

Sir: It was shocking to hear Mr Shahbaz Sharif claiming that the people of Karachi were not being subjected to load shedding while the people of Punjab were paying the price of being Punjabis and had to suffer many hours without electricity every day. It seems that Shahbaz Sharif is out of touch with the real situation. Apparently, he does not know that many parts of Karachi are also subjected to severe power outages, particularly where electricity theft is rampant. In those localities of Karachi, where there is practically no electricity theft, there is little or no load shedding and, for this formula, the credit should go to the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC). If WAPDA wants, the same formula can be introduced in Lahore and other parts of Punjab, and load-shedding can be controlled. However, to insinuate that Karachi is being favoured over Punjab is simply not true, and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) should ask Mr Shahbaz Sharif to refrain from making such comments.

Printed in Daily Times, April 29, 2013