How dare he!

I was shocked to read the news item on March 19 about Sindh Local Government Board Secretary Shaukat Jokhio’s refusal to obey an order of the Sindh Local Bodies Minister Honourable Agha Siraj Durrani. By now, everyone knows that every PPP minister is lord and master of all he surveys, and therefore he is above the law, so every illegal order he gives has to be obeyed. I’m surprised at Mr Jokhio’s audacity. He should consider himself lucky that he got away with minor injuries after the minister hit him with the butt of his guard’s sub-machine gun. 

The minister should be commended for his remarkable self-control; after all he could have easily shot the errant officer and no one would have dared to take any action against him. All PPP ministers (to be as well) should immediately make it clear that they will not brook such disobedience from civil servants in the future. Whenever a PPP minister asks a subordinate to sign something (even if it’s a blank piece of paper), the officer should immediately comply, failing which he or she should be sacked. That’s the only way to run the country!

Shakir Lakhani
Published in The News, March 22, 2013