The nation’s loss

Sir: Contrary to popular belief, I think the nation was the ultimate loser in the recent drama staged by the Canadian cleric. The so-called revolution was being led by a man whose demands kept changing every day, as no doubt he was surprised that every political and religious party refused to join him. However, in the end, in a face-saving gesture for Mr Qadri, the government sent a high-powered delegation to negotiate his withdrawal from Islamabad where hundreds of his followers had already caught fever from the biting cold (while he was ensconced in the comfort of his heated container). Sadly, the way it ended may make other equally unprincipled leaders try similar tactics to force the government to accept their demands. The government should have waited it out, as the crowd was thinning rapidly and the "dharna" would have fizzled out in a couple of days.

Monday, January 21, 2013