Why do the Taliban want to kill educated women? Yesterday a brave 14-year old girl (Malala Yousufzai) was shot in the head because she openly criticized the Taliban for burning girls' schools and not allowing girls to study. I know that most Pakistanis will say that it's not the Taliban who're burning girls' schools and shooting educated or working women, it's foreigners (Americans) as no Muslim would do it, but they're all wrong. Let me tell them that such Muslims are and have always been among us, and their number is growing.
I once told a religious scholar about Islam's emphasis on education (for both men and women), but he replied, "Women should be educated, but only in religious matters, they should not be allowed to study science and other subjects, otherwise they will ask to work alongside men."
So this is what bothers them? That Muslim women will start working in offices and factories and some of them will turn into nymphomaniacs? Or that they will demand to marry only those whom they want, not those who are chosen by their fathers and brothers? And they claim to be custodians of Islam, which allows women the freedom to select their future husbands!