Does anyone care?

This is with reference to the news item ‘Brother of MPA gunned down in Karachi’ (December 31, 2011). After Prof Saleem Ahmed Kharal’s murder, who was the brother of PPP lawmaker Naeem Ahmed Kharal in a car-snatching attempt, perhaps the ruling party will devote some attention to the deteriorating law and order in Karachi. But I doubt if anyone at the helm will do anything, as they are seemingly told by their sycophants every day that all is well in the country and all negative news are the media’s conspiracy against the ruling party.

And if the PPP government has not yet noticed the scandalous waste of taxpayers’ money, I can help it. Outside Dr Zulfiqar Mirza’s house in DHA, among the six police mobiles permanently stationed there (even when he and his wife are not in Karachi), one van has been rendered completely useless by bird droppings and corrosion. In any other civilised country, the people responsible for such negligence would have been sent to jail, but alas, this being Pakistan, these criminals might instead be promoted.

Shakir Lakhani
Published in The News, January 3, 2012