Water meters: some suggestions

THIS is with reference to the letter ‘Water meters’ (Nov 25) by Rauf Karim. It would be very good if the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board installed water meters in every building in Karachi.
However, at the moment it is not practical since most apartments in multi-storeyed buildings are supplied water from an overhead tank through a common vertical line.
According to the ridiculous billing system in vogue, four people living in a two-bedroom apartment are charged less than two people living in a three or four-bedroom apartment (since the water tariff is based on the covered area of the apartment).
As a result, people living in apartments are paying less than a third of what they would if supplied water through meters.
It is necessary for the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board to immediately demand that all
flat owners should arrange individual piping to incorporate water meters.
Until this is done, the water tariff should either be based on the number of people living in the apartments, or if this is not feasible, water charges per square foot should at least be doubled.

Published in DAWN, December 4,2011