I always knew that Pakistan was run by morons, and the latest attempt by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to ban what it considers "obscene words" proves it. I also know that these nincompoops have practically nothing to do all day, so one of them came up with the bright idea of asking cell phone companies to block messages which contain the so-called "obscene" words (among which, strangely enough, is "Jesus Christ").
Now every mullah I know has emphasized that the names of the prophets are sacred, and one must utter their names with respect. So how did this hare-brained person come to the conclusion that "Jesus Christ" is an obscene word?
There are of course more words in the list which defy logic. "Tongue" and "fairy", for instance are words in everyday use, but these two are also in the list of obscene words.
I wish the newspapers would do some research on the man who thought up this bizzare scheme. Maybe they'll find out why this chap turned out to be like someone who should have been strangled at birth (I hope "strangle" is not a word he considers obscene!).