Targeting security officials — III

Sir: Just last week I told my friend in the US that I live in the most peaceful locality (Phase 8, DHA) in Karachi, as no terrorist activity had ever taken place there. I was proved wrong by the carnage that destroyed many houses and killed eight innocent people on September 19. In the days ahead, our reactionary ‘experts’ will no doubt blame the US/Israel/India for this bomb blast as well. So many times we have heard that the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is a fictitious organisation, and if there is one, it has been created by the American/Israeli/Indian lobby.

Even people I interact with on a daily basis, including educated individuals, are not convinced that Muslims can be so inhumane. The TTP (a hundred percent Muslim entity) will not be satisfied even if the US were to leave Afghanistan today. It will continue with its agenda of blowing up people, houses, shops and schools until it achieves complete power over the country and is able to impose its own version of Islam on people.

Perhaps our rulers will now realise the need to spend money on improving security. It may sound unreasonable to them, but as a taxpayer and a citizen, I think I have the right to request that the nation’s money should not be squandered the way it has been done in these past three years.

Published in Daily Times, 22nd September 2011