I know there are morons in every country in the world. But in Pakistan there are so many that I think there must be a school or college somewhere in the country which turns men into idiots. Or maybe it's in our genes. This country, after all, is known for 80 percent of its citizens suffering from some form of mental illness. One could understand if those who are from the underprivileged sections of society behave like morons. But often it's those who work in the government who prove themselves to be certified idiots. Take the Government of Sindh, for example. Future historians will long wonder how this government operated. A couple of hours after some nut calls for a strike in Karachi, there is looting and burning of vehicles and killing of innocent people. So, instead of taking steps to prevent the violence, the morons in charge simply sit on their backsides and do nothing. The result is widespread looting and damage to public property. I don't think it's likely to happen in the near future, but perhaps there will be a miracle and an intelligent person will be in charge and pre-empt the terrorists from killing whenever a strike is announced.