Perhaps the easiest way to make money in Pakistan is to illegally charge parking fees from motor car owners. Outside the huge Bin Qasim Park in Clifton, an ex-policeman takes twenty rupees from every car owner, and gives a printed receipt for the amount. The receipt doesn't mention the government department on behalf of which the fee is collected. It simply says "Parking fee: Rs. 20". The poor, helpless vehicle owners have no choice but to pay, as they know the criminal will slash the tyres of their cars if they don't. There's no use going to the police for help, since they're the ones who have probably planted the crook there.
The petroleum minister said the other day that there are no laws in Pakistan to deal with gas thefts. I don't think there are any laws in Pakistan to deal with any kind of theft. The only rule is to hire gangsters yourself and use them to get your money back.