I don't think Indian Hindus living in Northern India will ever forgive Muslims for dividing their country in 1947. Since Partition, India has tried its best to dismember Pakistan. It succeeded in 1971 by invading East Pakistan and creating Bangladesh (where the vast majority harbours an intense hatred for Indian Hindus). In India itself, I estimated once that a hundred million Indian Muslims have disappeared, either killed in communal riots or converted to Hinduism. The killing of Indian Muslims began in 1947, but over the years many pogroms have taken place targeting Muslims. In 2002, for instance, in the state of Gujarat, thousands of Muslims were massacred. According to initial reports, the number of dead Muslims was 3,000 but somehow this was toned down by the Indian media to a thousand. I, of course, believe that about 10,000 Muslims were killed, as India does not have an advanced system of registering its citizens, and since Muslims mainly lived in ghettoes, they were probably not counted by the census officials.
During the 2002 carnage, rabid Hindus indulged in massive rape of Muslim women(enthusiastically watched and applauded by their wives). Pregnant women were stabbed repeatedly and their unborn children ripped from their bodies. And though it was subsequently proved that the state chief minister Narendra Modi organized the slaughter of Muslims, he has not been tried for the genocide. In fact, owing to his successful liquidation of thousands of Muslims, he enjoys huge popularity among his constituents, winning the next elections by a landslide. So, despite all that hype about India shining and its people being secular, this killer will most likely be elected prime minister of India.