It should now be apparent to even certified morons in the country that agriculturists do not want to pay any tax. They are the ones who sit in parliament and dictate us lesser mortals on how much tax we should pay, yet when anyone suggests that they should pay taxes or curtail expenses, they react as if the very suggestion is blasphemy. So they have no option but to raise petrol prices every now and then to increase revenue (some of which ends up in their Swiss bank accounts). Little do they realize that one reason for the French Revolution was a feudal class which paid virtually no taxes, while the masses were taxed so heavily that they couldn't buy food. A similar situation exists in Pakistan today. One of these days the masses will lose patience and then all hell will break loose. If salaried people, shopkeepers and industrialists contribute a trillion rupees to the national exchequer, why should the farmers be exempted from paying income tax? Those who pay income tax are now being forced to pay a 15% surcharge to rehabilitate the flood victims, while feudals continue to enjoy lavish life styles at government expense. All the signs point to a complete breakdown of the system, unless the feudal class voluntarily contributes to the government revenue.