Taxing agriculture

This is with reference to the letter entitled “Why tax agriculture?” (News Post, January 28). Every Pakistani earning a specific amount of money (except the agriculturist) has to pay income tax on his income. Why should those earning income from farming be exempted? The hue and cry over the imposition of 3.5 per cent tax on agricultural income is amazing considering that the salaried persons have to pay a minimum tax of 5 per cent on their incomes. Even a small farmer earns more than a million a year.

It is no wonder then that one sees the feudal lords and their offspring driving Pajeros and SUVs on our streets. It is because they don’t pay tax that they are able to amass such enormous wealth. And every now and then they get huge bank loans written off.

Shakir Lakhani
The News, January 31, 2011