The late General Zia ul Haq may have done a great service to the country by hanging Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, but his enforcement of Islamic laws has ensured that the guilty go scot-free, while the victims have to suffer. The potential for misuse of Islamic laws is so great that a rape victim dare not go to the police. Since the laws require four male victims to testify that the rape occurred in their presence, the victim is doomed from the start. Once a blind, retarded girl was charged with adultery when she became pregnant after being raped. Recently a Christian nurse in a government hospital was raped by a doctor. She jumped from the balcony to avoid being raped by his friends and had to be hospitalized. At first she did file a report naming the doctor as the rapist, but after a few days (no doubt after being threatened with death by the doctor), she withdrew the complaint. There are rumours that the doctor paid her a couple of hundred thousand rupees (which is equivalent to two years' salary for her)to say in court that she did not remember whether she had been raped by him. And this is the way it will always be, the poor will go on suffering while the feudals will go on raping and plundering.