Taxing the rich

KARACHI: I always knew that most Americans were ignorant of how things work in Pakistan and the recent call by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to tax rich Pakistanis proves just that. Pakistan was always intended to be looted by the select few, and nothing will ever change this painful reality. In fact I wonder why this fact was never incorporated in all our constitutions.
Billions in bank loans will be written off, custom appraisers and even clerks earning twelve thousand rupees a month or less will always be able to buy bungalows, while the middle class will continue to pay taxes. Politicians who own palaces in France and the UK will never be asked how they got the money to buy such expensive properties. And those who don’t pay taxes will become members of parliament and will siphon away a good portion of our tax money into foreign bank accounts. So if Hillary Clinton is so concerned about poor Pakistanis having to foot the bill, she should arrange to settle all of them in the US.

Shakir Lakhani
Published in The Express Tribune October 4th, 2010.