I don't know whether to laugh or cry. There was our prime minister saying all his ministers were honest, and if anyone thought there was any corruption in his government, he or she should go to the courts. Before anyone could tell him there are a number of cases being heard in the courts (like the Steel mill case, the tender for liquid natural gas, and many others), the Transparency International comes up with the news that corruption in Pakistan has worsened significantly, so much so that while last year it was no. 41 on the list of corrupt countries, it is now 34. Does the prime minister think this is an improvement which his government should be proud of? Knowing the prime minister, he'll probably think the Christians, Jews, Buddhists and the Hindus have given money to Transparency International to defame him and his ministers. I know the prime minister is a busy man, but he should ponder over some facts like why the rupee has lost 45% of its value after his government came to power, or why food prices have gone up so sharply, why people are killing themselves, why people are being killed in Karachi every day, and why the rest of the world thinks he and his ministers are so corrupt.