I heard the ruling People's Party spokeswoman say that the present government is not able to solve the problems of the common man because of its tussle with the judiciary. At least the party members know that they have not done anything for the people. But I would like to point out that whenever this party has been in power, it has never concerned itself with solving the nation's problems. Its present dilemma is due to the fact that its members have had only one priority: enriching themselves. This is why in its present stint in power, it has been struggling from day one to ensure its survival. The rupee has declined by forty five percent since this government came into power two years ago. But I don't think PPP leaders have ever been worried about trifles like this, or inflated food prices, or even people killing themselves due to hunger.
Now even foreign dignitaries like Hilary Clinton have started asking the government to tax the wealthy citizens of the country. But of course the People's Party doesn't regard its members as rich, although one of them is believed to have six billion dollars stashed in foreign banks. It looks like only the middle class of the country (most of it living in Karachi) will have to go on feeding the rest of the country. And those who don't pay taxes will go on looting the nation and get elected again. Only Allah can save Pakistan (assuming that He wants to).