The rich people in Pakistan never pay taxes, or pay very little. The Prime Minister pays only Rs. 7,000 per month (about 800 U.S. dollars), which is supposed to be the minimum monthly wage in the country. There are big landowners who are exempted from paying income tax, since all their income is derived from agriculture. They can travel throughout the world, buy luxury cars and apartments, no question asked. As for property tax, they've never heard of it. Only the middle-class (usually salaried people) have to pay income tax and property tax in Pakistan. No wonder the country is so poor. What really hurts is that the people who don't pay taxes are the ones who decide how our tax money is spent. The people who stand for elections and get into the assemblies are big crooks, many of them facing murder and criminal charges. The president was once convicted by a Swiss court to six months, but got away with an appeal. He has a degree from a non-existent school or college, the law minister was once charged with tying a remote-controlled bomb on the leg of a businessman to force him to withdraw millions from his bank account and pay it to the law minister. The law minister, too, by the way, has a fake degree. It's a miracle that the country is still holding together.