How to use an Indian Toilet

September 12th, 2010 by Shakir Lakhani

With the Commonwealth Games in Delhi fast approaching, foreigners should know how to use Indian toilets (assuming they can find a few).
First thing to remember is that Indians don’t use paper at all to clean themselves after defecating. The second thing is that they use their left hands to wash, so it’s OK to shake the right hand of any Indian you meet (the right hand is not used to clean the rear end).
To use the Indian toilet, you have to squat on it in the right position. It is important that you squat so that what comes out of your body falls into the hole. There is a bucket of water and a pot nearby. After you have finished your business on the toilet, you fill the pot with water and clean yourself with it, using (as I said before) your left hand. It’s important that you use the left hand, because Indians eat with their right hands and no one likes to shake a hand that has been used to remove shit from the body . Then you use soap and water to clean your left hand (assuming that the soap hasn’t been stolen). If you can’t find soap, wash thoroughly with water, then go to someplace where there is soap.