Afghan transit facility

Monday, May 17, 2010

This is with reference to the news item “Multibillion-dollar ISAF smuggling racket exposed” (May 14) wherein the writer says that this scam caused a loss of a billion rupees a day to the government. I would like to point out that businessmen and industrialists have been pointing out for years the misuse of Afghan transit facility and the damage caused to the economy by unscrupulous smugglers. In my opinion, the danger to the integrity of the country is greater due to such rackets than even terrorism. The government desperately needs revenue, while those who misuse such facilities or indulge in smuggling become rich and even get elected to parliament.

Past experience proves that it’s no use asking the government to take action against such elements since they have relatives in high places. The only thing one can hope for now is for the Supreme Court to take suo moto action on the matter and severely punish those found guilty of indulging in and abetting these heinous crimes.

Shakir Lakhani
The News, May 17, 2010