Sugar crisis

Tuesday, 01 Sep, 2009

APROPOS of your editorial, ‘Avoidable lapses’, I would like to know why we consume so much man-made sugar when we know that it can result in obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

We get enough sugar from the foods we eat. If we opt not to consume man-made sugar in any form during Ramazan – such as by taking tea without sugar, or not eating foods prepared with sugar like puddings -- we can make a difference and force hoarders to release their stocks.

I stopped taking sugar with tea 10 years ago, and I rarely take ice-cream or foods containing sugar, with the result that I am not overweight and am in good health.

If well-to-do people cannot refrain from eating foods containing man-made sugar, at least the educated middle class can boycott it.


DAWN, 01 Sep, 2009