How long can a married woman live without her husband? If the man has four wives, he will spend only twenty five percent of his time with her, but what about the woman whose Tableeghi Jamaat husband stays away for long periods lasting (in some cases) upto a year? Will she not feel bad that her husband is not around to share her problems? Will her children grow up to be normal individuals? I doubt it. One of my wife’s brothers used to work abroad, and would only come home twice a year to be with his family. Both his sons were brainwashed into joining the Tableeghi Jamaat, and since they’re absolutely unemployable, they do nothing but spend long hours in the nearby mosque talking to men like themselves who also have nothing to do. And every now and then, they join other Tableeghi Jamaat members and go on countrywide tours telling villagers how to wash their private parts. Their poor father has to pay the expenses of both his daughters-in-law and his grandchildren as well. I wonder how they will survive after he’s dead.