I thought I’d seen everything. But now they’ve discovered an Indian who hasn’t had a bath in 35 years. His name is Kailash Kalau Singh, and his name might get into the Guinness Book of Records.
It seems some palmist or astrologer (there are millions in India) told him he should never bathe if he wanted to be the father of a boy. Unfortunately in his case it didn’t work. He is now the father of seven daughters, but no son. Funny thing is, his wife still lives with him. I don’t think a woman in any other country would have tolerated such a husband. He had to sell his grocery store because customers didn’t like his unhealthy personality (maybe they didn’t like the stink).
I wonder if by some miracle this man becomes the father of a boy, will all such Indians stop bathing until their wives too produce male children?
Shakir Lakhani
www.chowrangi.com, 21st May 2009