According to a news item, PTV is not happy over WAPDA’s share in TV
licence fee. PTV officials think WAPDA should not get more than four
to five percent of the fees (instead of twenty percent) for collection
of the fees. The news item further says that PTV has to bear heavy
expenditures for maintenance of its boosters in every nook and corner
of the country. The question arises, how are the private TV channels
able to reach every nook and corner of the country without charging
any licence fee? Why should PTV get the licence fee at all if the
private channels are able to survive without it? After all, there must
be some reason why most viewers prefer to watch the popular private
channels rather than the state-owned PTV. Shouldn’t PTV learn to
produce quality programs to boost the number of its viewers and
increase its advertising revenue?

The Friday Times May 15-21, 2009