Political affiliations
Thursday, 12 Mar, 2009

APROPOS of your editorial, ‘Appointment of judges’, I don’t understand why we should be surprised to find, to quote your editorial, that “…the basic principle of merit has been swept aside for political considerations….” Hasn’t this always been the case in this country? We cannot forget that a totally illiterate man from Sindh, a man who couldn’t sign his own name, was appointed principal of a school during BB’s second stint in power.

In Karachi, especially, you find policemen who have difficulty speaking Urdu, and who have been hired because either they paid money to the quarters concerned, or were recommended for the jobs by MNAs or MPAs in their home towns.

If the practice of appointing judges and others on the basis of their political affiliations is not strictly curtailed, there is a great danger of Pakistan falling apart.