Having studied in a missionary school in the fifties, when you could see Christians, Parsis, Hindus and even Jews living peacefully in Karachi, I was able to get a good education. So naturally it pains me whenever I see people writing something which is difficult to understand (I would like to add that many writers in Chowrangi also write atrocious English). In the Business Recorder of 15 February 2009, I read a letter from someone named Qurban Hussain of Karachi which makes no sense at all. It is reproduced below:

“In the politics of Pakistan countless people have suffered very much sacrificing their lives or sacrificing all sort of monetary resources for no fault of theirs. Your honour have been the victim too.

Looking to the politics in Pakistan, I request you to withdraw all your agitation for the things that happened with you, some relaxation to Pakistan and common people will come by doing so and all credit will go to your honour. Can your honour sacrifice this much for the sake of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan”.

Is the writer trying to say that newspapers should avoid printing bad news? How will “some relaxation come to Pakistan” if this is done? In any event, I don’t know why the editor printed this drivel. Perhaps the writer forced him to do so at gun point.