January 27th, 2009 by Shakir Lakhani

Talibanization of India is continuing in full swing (by Hindu Taliban, not the Islamic ones). Activists of an organization calling itself Sri Ram Sena (SRS) raided a pub (bar) and thrashed boys and girls who were drinking and dancing merrily. Sri Ram Sena (SRS) founder Pramod Mutalik has said there is no need to raise a hue and cry about the Mangalore pub attack on women. The SRS believes that dancing and other “obscene” activities like holding fashion shows are against Hindu culture (apparently they’ve not seen the paintings of nude Hindu gods and goddesses in the caves near Bombay).

So Pakistanis can take some comfort from the fact that the extremists on the other side are not much different from those who’re out to lock all women in their houses and force all men to grow knee-length beards. Maybe Pakistan and India can get together and put the extremists in both countries on boats and settle them in one of those uninhabited islands in the Indian Ocean!