Quaid-e-Azam birth place

January 06, 2009

WITH reference to the letter, ‘Quaid’s birthplace’ (Jan 2), I would like to ask the writer the following questions:

— Why is it that every few years this non-issue is raised, although it was settled a long time ago?

— He writes: “In our textbooks…..Jherruck was mentioned as his birthplace”. What about the textbooks in which I and millions of other Pakistanis read that his birthplace was Karachi?

— Isn’t it a fact that the Quaid chose Karachi as the capital of Pakistan because it was his birthplace?

— Didn’t Mr Jinnah himself say many times that he was born in Karachi?

— Didn’t Miss Fatima Jinnah and Ms Benazir Bhutto also say the same thing?

— Why didn’t the Sindh Assembly raise this issue in the early days of Pakistan and later (when the Founder of Pakistan and his associates and relatives were still alive)?

— Why didn’t anyone object when Stanley Wolpert’s official biography of Mr Jinnah was published?

Finally, isn’t it a fact that certain vested interests got this piece of disinformation inserted in text books of rural Sindh so that (as the writer himself says), “by declaring Jherruck as the birthplace of the Quaid, we can build an infrastructure of roads, schools and colleges in the town”?