December 15th, 2008 by Shakir Lakhani

I was amazed to read that K.S. Sudarshan, (the powerful supreme leader of the RSS) has advocated nuclear war with Pakistan. This is the man who is very close to the BJP (which started the nuclear arms race in the subcontinent) and could very well be in a powerful position in the government if the BJP wins elections next year.

This is the kind of statement which wouldn’t have surprised anyone if made by someone in Al Qaeda, (in fact, the world media expects such threats from “Islamists”), but to hear it from a prominent Indian politician chilled me to the bone. It proves that Indian extremists are as insane as the ones on this side of the border.

The world should ask India to guarantee that its nuclear arsenal is not in danger of being seized by crazy people like the RSS chief. People who believe that nuclear war can be won deserve to be locked up.